The Time Eraser 5.10-
FA 1980: Rich Romano & Morris Hershoff

The clock ticks for Lance Levine as he finesses gear on The Time Eraser

Romano picked a superb line when he climbed this one! One of the most popular 10's at the Bank.
Time Eraser is easy to locate due to its proximity to the Westward Ha! rappel and, by skirting the original start, provides relatively solid rock and adequate protection. After a day of climbing at Millbrook Chuck Calef and Rich Romano returned to New Paltz and found it was four hours later than they had calculated. Chuck suggested they had been victims of The Time Eraser, a cartoon character popular with Chucks children.

Delicate moves high above Death Ledge, Remembrance and The Movie Star loom in the background

In the 80's one of the best places to get pizza in New Paltz was a seafood restaurant called Conca D'Oro, taken over in 2000 and re-opened as Lemon Grass. You can still see remnants of the nautical theme such as the port window in the door, but you won't find shrimp scampi pizza any longer. Gone also are the notoriously long waits for either a table or food. Climber's frequenting Conca D'Oro began calling it The Time Eraser as time seemed to disappear while waiting for pizza after a long day at the cliffs.

Don Spiro spending his time wisely at the bank

Julie Seyfert Lillis relaxed on the final moves of pitch 2 of The Time Eraser

Don Spiro catching some big air on The Time Eraser