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1 Happiness is a 110° Wall 5.12 FA: 1967 Art Gran & Jim McCarthy FFA: 1979 Mark Robinson & Mike Sawicky
The lower quality first pitch can be bypassed by climbing p1 of Again & Again.

1a Never Again 5.10R FA: 1951 Hans Kraus & Bonnie Prudden FFA:1968 John Stannard (This route has extremely loose rock on p2)
Although the original route previously climbed the beginnings of Again & Again and the ending of Happiness
the loose section is not recommended and is shown here only as a variation.

P Project: This route looks to break the large roof above the Again & Again traverse, however, the most obvious
weakness contains a large loose flake where the attempt by Romano concluded.

2 Again and Again 5.7 FA: 1958 Art Gran & Claude Suhl

3 Cuckoo Man 5.10 5.8R FA: 1981 Rich Romano & Chuck Calef

3a Paral-Lax 5.12- (Grade needs confirmation) FA: 1984 Russ Raffa Use Cuckoo Man to get to the large roof, then rejoin Cuckoo Man after the roof

4 Search for Tomorrow & Diaper Man 5.10-11 (Grade & Protection need confirmation) FA: 1978 Rich Romano & Rod Swartz FFA: 1979 Chuck Boyd & John Maclean
Diaper Man variation not shown FA: Chuck Calef, Rich Romano, & Rich Ross

This section of the cliff contains absolutely beautiful face climbing but good protection can not be found for at least the first 80 feet

5 Asteroid Belt 5.11- 5.10X FA: 1981 Rich Romano, Chuck Calef, Rich Ross, & Fred Yaculic

6 The Orbit of Jupiter 5.11- 5.10+X FA: 1981 Rich Romano & Alex Lowe

7 Rings of Saturn 5.11+ X FA: 1982 Jeff Gruenberg, John Meyers, and Mike Freeman
Both Swain and Williams guidebooks mention it had been top-roped before being led. Williams description mentions climbing to the Mummy Roof but if this was the case most likely the line followed some of Orbit of Jupiter. The line included here shows a line I top-roped which seems to be the most logical line that avoids Orbit, but this would involve 11+ moves with a 100ft ground fall.

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