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1 Mood Indigo 5.10+ (p1. Needs to be located and graded) FA: 1981 Rich Romano & Morris Hershoff
2 Delta Waves 5.10 (p1. Grade and protection needs confirmation) FA: 1981 Rich Romano & Chuck Calef
3 Instant Karma 5.12 (more info on the way)
4 Realm of the 5th Class Climber 5.9 FA: 1964 Dick Williams, Art Gran, Jim McCarthy, and Hans Kraus
5 Stick It To Me Baby 5.10+ R FA: Late 90's Rich Romano & Andrew Zalewski
After the mantle on the white face, approximately halfway up p.1, the leader has just completed a near irreversible move and the next
protection is a long reach from the stance above the mantle. Romano used a stick to place the nut to protect the following moves. A tall
climber, 6 feet or taller, must still make tenuous moves to place the gear but a stick is not necessary.

6 Little Brown Jug 5.11R 5.10X (Line, grade and protection need confirmation) FA: 1981 Rich Romano & Russ Clune
7 Blue Streak 5.10 5.9 R FA: Rich Romano & Hardie Truesdale
After the initial corner system and roof the leader is faced with a 25 foot run-out on 5.9 terrain, however
the 60 foot fall would most likely be clean. The R rating is added due to the length of the fall.

8 Red's the Color I Wanna See 5.10+R FA: 1993 Rich Romano & Al Pisaneschi
Note: Blue Streak and Red's the Color share the same start

9 Bank Shot 5.12- 5.9R FA: 1980 Rich Romano & Doug Bower
10 Birth of the Blues 5.12-X FA: 1980 Rich Romano & Russ Raffa
11 Agent Orange 5.12- 5.10+X FA: 1981 Rich Romano, Francis Gledhill, & Fred Yaculic

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