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1 UNNAMED/UNFINISHED 5.11+(5.9/5.10R) FA: Rich Romano
2 BAND OF RENOWN 5.11(5.10R/X) R FA 1981: Rich Romano & Russ Clune
3 SCHLEMIEL 5.10 FA: 1968 Jim McCarthy & Burt Angrist FFA: 1977 Rich Romano & Dave Feinberg
4 SQUARE MEAL 5.11 FA: 1979 Chuck Calef & Rich Romano
Square Meal is the logical conclusion to the first pitch Schlemiel
5 LEAN CUISINE 5.12X (grade unconfirmed) Pitch 2 of this route has no protection and still awaits a pure lead.
6 pitch 1 THE NEW DEAL 5.11+(5.9R) FA: 1981 Rich Romano & John Myers
6 pitch 2 NECTAR VECTOR 5.12+(5.11R) FA: 1984 Jeff Gruenberg & Jack Mileski
7 BACK TO THE LAND MOVEMENT 5.12-(5.10R) (grade unconfirmed) FA: 1979 Rich Romano, Chuck Calef, & Malcolm Howells
8 NEW FRONTIER 5.11R FA: 1962 Jim McCarthy & Ants Leemets FFA: 1969 Gary Brown & John Stannard
9 A LESSON IN HISTORY 5.10 R This is a highly recommended link-up composed primarily of previously climbed sections
10a MANIFEST DESTINY 5.12+/5.13-(5.10+R) (Grade needs confirmation) FA: p1&2 1982 Rich Romano & Jim Munson FA: p3 1983 Jack Mileski & Jeff Gruenberg
10 REDIRECTIONALISM 5.13 (5.12 R/X) (Grade needs confirmation) FA: early 1970's Donald Perry & Michael Burlingame FFA: 2011 Joshua Perry & Donald Perry
10b A better start to Manifest Destiny is to begin on Redirectionalism and then traverse along 10b to avoid the original start
11 LAND GRAB p1 5.12-(5.10R) p2 5.11+X FA: 1982 Rich Romano & Jim Munson
12 DIRECTPISSIMA 5.12-PG-R(5.9R 5.8X) FA: 1981 Rich Romano, Francis Gledhill , & Fred Yaculic
13 IN SEARCH OF LOST TIME 5.11R FA: 1986 Rich Romano & Albert Pisaneschi You can finish this route by climbing
the final pitch of Time Being
14 TIME BEING 5.11 5.9X FA: 1980 Rich Romano & Hardie Truesdale

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