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00 RAGS TO RICHES 5.10R FA 1987 Rich Romano & Dick Williams
0 CRUISE CONTROL 5.9- FA 1978 Rich Romano & Beau Hayworth
1 THE HIGH TRAVERSE 5.5 FA 1937: Fritz Wiessner & Percy Olton
From Weissner's article in Appalachia it seems the original name of this route was Falcoln.
It is unknown where the name The High Traverse originated.
1a (Var) RECOLLECTION 5.8: Rich Romano & Mike Robbins
2 NINTIA 5.10+ 5.9R FA 2011: Rich Romano & John Batista
3 RIB CRACKER 5.9 FA 1961: Jim McCarthy, Hans Kraus, & Werner Bishof FFA 1968: John Stannard
4 CONFLICT OF INTEREST (5.9R grade needs confirmation) FA 1977: Rich Romano & George Willig
5 DANCE CARD 5.11R (grade & line need confirmation) FA: 1991 Rich Gottlieb & Rich Romano
6 LOVE AND BULLETS 5.11+ 5.8R (upper face unconfirmed) FA: Rich Romano,Jeff Colovos,and Jeff Tabin
7 BIG BAND ERA 5.10 5.9R FA: 1979 Rich Romano and Chuck Calef
7a THE KING OF SWING 5.11 FA: 1980 Chuck Calef and Rich Romano
8 WHITE KNUCKLES 5.11R (grade needs confirmation) FA: 1993 Rich Gottlieb & Rich Romano
p1 not shown (5.9X), may be accessed from White Corner
9 WHITE CORNER 5.10 FA: 1959 Jim McCarthy & Phil Jacobus FFA: 1968 John Stannard
10 WHITE ROSE 5.11 5.9R 5.8X FA: 1977 Rich Romano & Fred Yaculic
11 HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER 5.10 5.10-R FA: 1981 Rich Romano and Chuck Calef
(Possible to skip 10-R section by climbing 5.9R 5.8X section of White Rose making the line run better)
11a ORIGINAL START, HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER 5.11+X FA: Rich Romano & John Batista
12 SUDDEN IMPACT 5.12R FA 1984: Jeff Gruenberg and Russ Clune
13 FRENCH KISS 5.10R (grade needs confirmation) 1998: Rich Romano & Myriam Bouchard

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