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1 Prelude 5.9 (Grade and protection need confirmation) FA: 1981 Rich Romano & George Peterson

2 George's Wake-Up Call 5.10 R FA: Rich Romano & George Peterson
The R rating is due to the rock quality in the first 30 feet, if the rock holds, the crux gear is G.
Later in the pitch is some easy but very dirty run-out climbing which leads to a slab where it is hard to
build a solid anchor. The final pitch is 5.10, clean, and has reasonable protection.

3 Apollo Theatre 5.9R FA: 1981 Rich Romano & George Peterson
the R rated climbing at the end of the route can be bypassed to the right.
4 Chairman of the Boards 5.8 (Grade and protection need confirmation) FA: 1992 Rich Romano & Al Pisaneschi
5 Old Route 5.7 FA: 1935 Fritz Weissner, John Navas, & Peggy Navas
The route description copied from Fritz Weissner words in the June 1960 issue of Appalachia:
Beginning at the terrace with an overhanging piece of 20 feet, grade 5, a little ledge is reached.
Here a vertical crack with good handholds leads to a stand on a piton. A short traverse to the left follows
to a V-shaped Verschneidung, which is climbed to an overhang (piton); here a short traverse to right until one
can climb up to a tree. From there, first keeping left, then straight through a V, to the densely wooded top.

It is thought that the original grade of 5.5 may have been a mistranslation from Weissner's use of the European UIAA
where grade V is closer to 5.7 in the YDS.

6 Sucker Punch 5.11+ R

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